Welcome to Mea’s Fitness Blog!


I really started this blog for personal use as I begin the 21 Day Fix Challenge from Beach Body. I really want to try to record every step of the way, and make the most of this 21 day challenge, so that I can’t easily blow it off or half-ass it.

About me:

I am 24 years old, from the great state of NJ, and I work in Corporate Fitness. I teach group exercise and do personal training at my worksite. This is my first real-adult job and I’ve only been at it for about a year and a half. (a.k.a. I’ve got a lot to learn still!)

I started to develop in interest in health and fitness during my time at college. Aside from continuing my horseback riding at school once a week, I wasn’t getting nearly as much physical activity as I was in high school.

I never focused much on what kinds of foods I put in my body. My mom is a wonderful cook and always cooked delicious meals. I had a fast metabolism, so I ate lots of pop tarts and oreos and chips and never thought twice.

I can’t explain how or pinpoint when I developed this interest in eating healthier or having to stay physically active, specifically for my health, but I did. And I started looking into the Health Science majors they offered.

I decided to join the Health Behavior Science major, and find out why we have certain behaviors and how we can change those health behaviors and make healthier choices.

Next thing you know, I was joining the Student Health’s student ambassadors, The Healthy Hens (we are the fighting blue hens!)

Long story short (too late) I found my way into Corporate Wellness and landed a great job working with wonderful people and helping my members find their way to a healthier lifestyle!

Of course, putting all of this focus on getting my members life together took away from my own progress and goals. Not to mention, moving back in with my parents, adjusting to a 40 hour work week, etc. I preach exercise, and yet I barely find time (or willpower) for my own. I am a junk food and sugar addict, and I eat whatever my mom makes (when I said a great cook- did I mention great does not always mean healthy?)

I’ve heard of Beachbody so many times, I know people that have done the programs and who have even gone on to become coaches. I’ve even pondered (and still do) about becoming a coach myself (someday, maybe).

AND SO! I decided on the 21 Day Fix — and so starting DECEMBER 26th, I will start my journey, and hopefully make some serious changes!!

PS: Look out for before and after photos, coming soon 🙂

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