Merry Christmas! A few of my favorite gifts so far.

Merry Christmas! I love the holidays and I love the traditions each family has, and how they vary. 

This morning we made coffee, sat on the couch and went through the stocking stuffers (gum, chocolates, chapstick, etc.) and opened all the presents. My mom made this delicious breakfast casserole with sausage, egg, cheese and hashbrown and it was sooo good!

And although the best part of all of this is the time spent together and seeing the joy of others opening their presents, I have to admit that I am very excited about all of my presents, too!

I love workout tank tops with saying, and these are 100% me. Nutella all the way!

These sketchers slip on sneakers are perfect for work and standing on your feet all day! And for switching really quick into actual sneakers. They’ve got the memory foam gel- so comfortable! {Sketchers}

I have this water bottle problem. I go through them very quickly, because after a certain amount of use, I get a little grossed out by it and I don’t want to drink from it anymore. That, or I lose them. Or break them.

ANYWAY- this one looks pretty cool and I’m excited to use it! {Under Armour}

That’s all- Have a happy holiday!!!

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