Sorry for the delay in posts! 

It’s been a little busy, and I kept saying I was going to at least post something saying “I promise I will post soon but I can’t right now,” and I didn’t even get that far.

My sister and her husband came down from NH for the weekend, and we were doing some wedding planning (for their wedding, part 2…long story). Plus, we wanted to spend as much time as possible during the 3-4 days they were here.

And although I did indulge in some pizza, pasta, bagels and desserts (they needed some good NJ pizza and bagels), I feel like I didn’t derail toooooo badly. But I am a little disappointed in myself.

Highlights from the weekend:

I got my hair done! Well, sort of. I was helping a friend out who is in cosmetology school. I was the human guinea pig in class- it was kinda fun, everyone got to learn something from it (highlighting, washing hair, trimming, blow drying). Not bad! Good job, ladies.

We went in the jacuzzi while it was snowing! Very warm and cozy, beautiful to watch the snow falling, but very cold getting out! 100% worth it.

Family worked out together! This was fun. We did the 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio from the Beachbody On Demand. They were all complaining that their quads were sore the next day- I call that a success!!

We successfully (and quickly!) picked out a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses in two days; 3 hours total. The bridesmaid dresses will all be in a light blue color. How beautiful is that?! (Just gotta focus on toning up and leaning out before wearing this dress!)

I tried my best to still fit in fruits and veggies, and a few Shakeology along the way. This one was a banana peanut butter shake with vanilla powder. Mmm it was really good! Perfect to drink while I played Skyrim, since I wouldn’t dare take a minute to eat something! 

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