Which Workout Program Should I Do Next?

Now that I’ve finished the 21 Day Fix program, I’m ready to start and take on another program! But here’s the problem: I bought Beachbody On Demand for a GREAT DEAL and it’s for an ENTIRE YEAR! I could try all of the programs, and if I don’t like it, I can just switch over to another one! Or, I can mix and match and do multiple at a time!

OK, you’re right. This doesn’t sound like much of a problem.

My problem…is that I don’t know which one to choose next!! Do I just stick with one program? Do I try and mix & match them? Do I just do whichever video I’m feeling that day?

Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to (one’s that I really want to try next):

I like the ones that are 30 Day challenges, because I don’t have the attention span for something that’s like 3 months long.

I did Shaun T’s T-25 videos, that were 25 minute interval style workouts. I am assuming Insanity Max is probably similar to those videos but 30 minutes and a little more advanced. But this program is mostly cardio based.

P90x3 would be fun because I really want to do something that is more revolved around lifting and strength training. I want to build muscle and get stronger!

Country Heat just sounds like so much fun because you’re dancing and grooving to country music!! That’s a great way to destress and you don’t even realize you’re burning calories!

Core de Force is Beachbody’s new program, so obviously I’m dying to know how it is! I think the MMA style workouts would be a lot of fun and cool to learn.

After all this, I think I’m torn between p90x3 and Insanity Max:30. Which one should I start with??




Finn is sad, he doesn’t know which program he should pick, either.

img_1655    Have a great day!  🙂 


5 thoughts on “Which Workout Program Should I Do Next?

  1. Andy says:

    I just finished my first month of P90X3 and am really enjoying it. I’m with you on the short attention span but the nice thing about P90X3 is that every month you change up the routine so it keeps it pretty fresh. The best part is that each workout is only 30 minutes! I’m working on getting my month one review posted… well I’m in the process of writing it anyway… well technically I’m in the process of telling myself that I need to sit down and write it… you get the point. Also, nice pup!

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    • Mea says:

      Hahah good to know your blogging process is very similar to mine! Well hurry up cause I’d love to read your review of it! 🙂 I decided to try insanity max 30 and I am in the process of telling myself to write a blog about starting it but you know how that goes!
      And thanks 😁 he’s the best


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