Personal Development

Last week, I had a team call, and we talked a lot about our strengths and weaknesses, what kinds of obstacles we face and how we can overcome them. I’m starting to realize what a great group of women I’ve stumbled upon and how supportive this team can be.

I was given the task to find something to work on my personal development, whether that’s a book, podcast, etc.

I decided to start by reading this book, Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. Someone had bought it for me at one time, and I kept putting it off. I mean, please, would I rather read a fiction novel about a faraway land filled with assassins, queens, Fae people, scary monsters and lots of gruesome action (any Throne of Glass, fans?) or some boring book about finding a better you, yada yada.

I know. It sounds boring. It sounds stupid. It sounds like I’d much rather be watching Netflix.

But I want to better myself. I want to succeed. I want to find my strengths, and acknowledge my weaknesses and push past them.

I’ll see if I have some nice quotes for you guys once I’m done reading.

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