Big plans, Big plans!

Hi all!

I am so excited about everything in my life right now.

Of course, it’s a little scary. And nerve wracking. And risky. BUT EXCITING.

I just did my Jungshin Fitness Instructor training over the weekend. I felt so inspired by my teachers and fellow students, and the  fact that I have something now so powerful to work with, I had to keep the momentum going! 

Over the next few weeks, my focus is going to be on two things: practice, practice, practicing my Jungshin (my swords come in today, hooray!) and building my business!

I’ve always been attracted to the idea of entrepreneurship. And when you find something you’re passionate about, it makes it that much are attractive.

Now I’ve got my Personal Training cert, my Group Exercise cert, my Jungshin cert, soon to be Yoga (teacher training in Sept!!!) and a kickass team of Beachbody coaches by my side. I feel like I’ve got all my superpowers building inside me and I’m ready to unleash them on the world and save the day! 😉 #BeYourOwnWonderWoman

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