3 Day Refresh: Getting Started!


Tomorrow starts my much anticipated 3 Day Refresh!

When I first heard about the refresh, I was skeptical (like everything else, of course.) I figured it was just another one of those detoxes that makes you drink shakes all week and nothing else, just to get you to pay big bucks.

So I did my research. I found plenty of blog posts, articles, pictures people posted of the actual program guide and day by day instructions. I heard from people who liked it, and people who didn’t like it. I read reviews from Beachbody coaches and those who were not coaches.

I decided that it sounded pretty legit, and had gotten pretty good results from a majority of the people – so long as you did it right! I think that was the problem behind many of the negative reviews.

So How Does the 3 Day Refresh Work?


First, there’s just a few guidelines:

  • No coffee (if you really, really must, you can drink it black)
  • Drink plenty of water! I aimed for a little more than half my body weight (70 oz.)
  • Moderate Exercise (I’m just going to try to get my steps up and do yoga, nothing High Intensity or anything)

Then your day follows a pretty easy schedule:

  • Shakeology + 1 Fruit
  • Fiber Sweep + Cold Water
  • Vanilla Fresh + 1 Fruit + 1 Veggie + 1 Healthy Fat
  • 1 Veggie + 1 Healthy Fat
  • Vanilla Fresh + 1 Veggie + 1 Healthy Fat

(did this detox just say healthy fat 3 times?! — yes, yes it did. Boo-ya!)

You’re also allowed to have herbal tea, and it honestly recommends it in between meals.

This schedule is definitely not bad at all! If you look at the picture I posted above again, I listed a rough time frame in which I would be eating all of these. I work 6 am – 2 pm, which is why it starts so freakin’ early. But really, you’re eating or drinking a shake every couple hours, plus tea and 70 oz. of water… I have a good feeling I won’t be feeling very hungry at all!

Is it worth the cost?

Ahh, the big question and a very valid concern. I saw the price at first and thought WHAT? FOR THREE DAYS?! I promise, it’s not that bad.

But look- I’m a big numbers person, so I’ll break it down here – based on my usual groceries and prices in the stores near me.

3 Day Refresh with Coach Discount: ~$45.00

3 Days of Shakeology (from my 30 serving bag): ~$10

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: ~$15.00

Proteins and Carbs I didn’t Need: ~ [$30.00]


img_2138img_2141-1Here’s my before pictures… =O

I guess we’ll see how it goes!

I’ll post the update on Friday!


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